Quality Policy


It is the policy of Hoist Hire Services Limited to provide customers with a quality product and service which meets their needs by ensuring the appropriate hoists conform to the relevant legal compliance, quality specification and standards or specifications agreed with customers.

The success of Hoist Hire Services Limited depends on the continual improvement in the hire & supply of Construction Hoists. The Quality Management System (QMS) will meet and wherever possible exceed the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Customer expectations will be enhanced through a focused workforce committed in providing a nationally and internationally recognised service. This relies upon the skills, knowledge, experience, professionalism and commitment of its employees and suppliers.                                          

The Company is guided by the following principles:                                                                                

  • Senior Management to be “champions” of continual improvement by demonstrating a visible and positive commitment to quality for all areas of the business;
  • Motivate employees to achieve their full potential by providing appropriate training, experience and self-development enabling them to become champions;                                                      
  • Communicate the company’s aims and objectives of continual improvement and how they are to be achieved;
  • Committed to good professional practice, risk identification and to the overall quality of its Hoists both in selection, maintenance and servicing for its customers;
  • Ensure compliance and commitment to international standards through its management;
  • The company shall attain and maintain the highest possible standard of service to its customers; and
  • Ensure the quality policy is implemented and understood throughout the company through well-defined work instructions, which operate and maintain the quality system.                                                

The quality system requirements are fully documented and reviewed regularly to ensure full and effective operation.  These requirements will be fully applied by everyone. The quality system, quality policy and quality objectives are reviewed regularly at management review to ensure full and effective operation.  


Policy Dated 15/10/21