Hoist Hire Services Ltd

For more than 25 years, is the South West region’s leading Construction Hoist Hire provider covering the South West Quadrant of the UK, South Wales & the Midlands

Company Ethos & Values

Hoist Hire Services Ltd.’s Company Ethos and Values are fundamentally important and critical to the success of our business.

Over the past 25+ years, we have built up a reputation as a friendly, family-run company that provides a safe, professional, and reliable service to our clients to enable them to safely and successfully fulfil their project requirements.

Our planned growth is focused around:

  • Providing a first-class customer service
  • Creating high-quality and long-lasting customer relationships
  • Investing in employee skills / knowledge development through training and assessment
  • Taking an innovative approach to all aspects of our work including products and services
  • Continuously seeking to improve our working methods


  • Safety: A ‘Safety First’ culture is ingrained throughout the Company and Safety is at the forefront of all our decision making. 
  • Quality: We provide excellent products and a high-quality supporting service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.
  • Integrity & Honesty: We believe Integrity is a key strength of our approach to business and that Honesty is fundamental to our working relationships. 
  • Teamwork: We believe teamwork empowers our individual strengths and that working together as a team helps us exceed expectations.
  • Respect: We believe a respectful attitude is essential in the workplace regardless of personal feelings or opinions.

Our ethos and values are a pillar of our business and underpin the pride we have in working for this great family business.