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For more than 25 years, is the South West region’s leading Construction Hoist Hire provider covering the South West Quadrant of the UK, South Wales & the Midlands


To ensure all of our hoists are suited to the site requirements Hoist Hire Services supply a range of additional accessories.

Scaffold Carriers (Lok'N'Load)

Here at Hoist Hire, we are often amazed that we still see scaffolders pulling up their tubes and fittings via a Gin Wheel and rope. Besides the Safety element of this dated method, it involves unnecessary strenuous manual handling, and is far slower in terms of progression of a scaffold erection project.

Those who have used our Scaffolding Transportation systems are quite simply sold on them. The easy (vertical) loading, securing, and unloading of long tubes, boards, and containers of fittings really does transform a scaffold erection programme.

Our ‘Lok n Load’ systems can transport up to 40 x long tubes and 24 x 13ft boards in one Hoist and in just one trip!</d

We have a range of Hoists which provide this function with capacities up to 2000kg. This broad range means you can transform scaffold erection whether it is a small, medium or large project.

Scaffold carrying Hoists can be installed at the early stages of the scaffold configuration, and progressively extended to keep in touch with the top lift. Upon scaffold completion, the Hoists can be converted for use by the Principle Contractor as Good Hoists or Transport Platforms.

Put simply, utilising our Hoists means much safer, far more efficient, and far quicker scaffold erection.

Reduced height landing gate infill panels

To address the Transport Platform British & European Standard (BS EN 16719:2018) and to satisfy the preferences of many of our clients, we have developed a new landing gate infill system for our Geda Hoist landing gates.

These infill panels can be fitted to our 500 Z/ZP & 1500 Z/ZP Transport Platform fleet machines, and offer an added level of fall protection at upper landing levels with a nod to the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Material Frames

When a site needs to transport plasterboard or other sheet materials but cannot fit a large hoist on site the answer is to fit fit a material frame into the hoist.