Standard Site Planning

We provide standard information to all sites to allow the safe configuration of a construction hoist on site.  A number of hoists can be setup in standard configurations and in these situations we provide standards tie and base loads to allow the site team to plan and assess the suitability of the hoist location.

Site Specific Planning

For situations where specific planning for the hoist type, location and tying method are required we can provide site specific planning.  This can involve additional site visits, site specific drawings, specific calculations for tie and foundations loads, specific fixing methods for securing the hoist and providing advice for clients in planning the hoist logistics on their site.

We can also provide pre-hire planning for hoist and associated logistics for sites that are still at the planning stages.  Development of the hoist scheme at an early stage of the site planning can ensure that the hoist base and tie locations can be designed in to the building structure in a way where they minimise the impact on the build programme.