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For more than 25 years, is the South West region’s leading Construction Hoist Hire provider covering the South West Quadrant of the UK, South Wales & the Midlands


Services, Support & Maintenance

At Hoist Hire Service we pride ourselves in not only supplying a premium product, but also supporting that product once it is on site.

Pre-delivery Preparation

Before any hoist is delivered to site it has a full pre-delivery inspection and preparation to ensure that the hoist is ready for each site. This work is complete at our own workshops using our manufacturer trained staff. As well as mechanical checks each hoist undergoes electrical checking and testing.

On Site Servicing/Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection are key elements to ensuring that our hoists operate as effectively and reliably as possible. With our vast Hoist maintenance experience, and from working closely with our manufacturing partners, we employ a Hoist maintenance schedule which is carried out on a rolling 3 monthly basis. This planned preventative approach to maintenance not only ensures continued smooth running of our hired construction Hoists but ensures minimal downtime if there is a Hoist stoppage.

Site Support

During the hire of any construction hoist, changes may need to be made due to the changing requirements on site. This can include the carrying of oversized items not considered at planning stages, or the need to move the hoist or ties due to a clash with part of the permanent structure. While we endeavour to plan with our customers for the complete hire period on site, we are there through the complete hire to help with alterations and changes to the hoist setup on site so it can adapt to changes required by the site works. We always respond quickly to the requests from sites to help with their programme issues relating to the hired construction hoists they have on site.

On Site Servicing/Maintenance

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