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1 Sidwell Street

John Lewis - Exeter

The complete fascia of the building in the centre of Exeter required replacement along with new signage.

Working with our customer CASS UK we developed a logistics plan for the hoist to minimise the hoist footprint and loading area due to very limited space around the building. 

With a large amount of fascia tiles, signage and also personnel to transport the full height of the building the ideal choice was the Maber MBC1000 Transport Platform.

The Maber MBC1000 Transport Platform with a 1.75m x 1.4m platform size is adaptable for all site requirements.  This hoist was used as a goods hoist during the installation and dismantle of the scaffolding to transport scaffolding tube and boards, and then set up as a Transport Platform  during the main phase of project to transport personnel along with packaged materials.