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The Wellington Monument

Wellington - Somerset

At 175ft in height, the Wellington monument is a striking structure standing high on the Blackdown Hills of Somerset. It is in-fact the tallest 3-sided Obelisk in the world.

The Monument was in need of full repair in order to return it to its previous stature and The National Trusts 3.45 million pound project finally got the go ahead and work began in October 2019, with Sally Strachey Historic Conservation offering their services as main contractor.

The works required two Hoists, both of sufficient capacity to transport large stonework items of up to 800kg in weight. The lower Hoist was to be goods only. It needed to be able to transport Scaffolding materials and general building materials tools and equipment. The Maber MB800 was the perfect tool for the job and afforded all of the above with its large platform dimensions.

The upper Hoist had to have to ability to transport passengers as well as the other aforementioned materials, and this is where the Transport Platform Hoist category really comes into its own. The Transport Platform chosen in this case was the Geda 500z/zp. With the simple fitting of an overhead protection system, the Geda 500z/zp can be transformed from a Goods only Hoist into a Goods & Passenger carrying Hoist.

Both Hoists performed extremely well and the operators were very pleased with how they were able to carry out their works so efficiently. The scaffolders were particularly pleased with how both Hoists assisted them in erecting the impressive and complex structure.

We worked closely with Apex Scaffolding (Exeter) ltd, and their chosen designers when formulating a configuration plan for the project, with special consideration given to structural ties, foundation loadings and offloading points.

A great project that we are proud to have been involved with, and one which is rather impressive to observe.