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St Martins Place


This project in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre involved the construction of 228 new one, two, and three-bedroom apartments across four blocks, scaling between six and seven stories.

Principle contractor Colmore Tang required multiple level access to the blocks for Goods and Passengers and both combined, over four separate positions across their site.

The first two Hoists to be installed were the top of the range Geda Multi-Lift P22 Premium models. Two of these units were positioned to service two blocks with up to 22 Passengers and up to 2000kg of Goods at a time. The fast travel speed, landing programming systems and generously sized platforms helped Colmore Tang transport significant volumes in short order.

A Maber MBA1400 Passenger Good Hoist was then installed on first roof level to service upper landing and roof levels in a similar fashion, and finally, a brand new Maber MBC2000 Transport Platform was installed for the transportation of goods only. This Workhorse of a Hoist has a safe working load of 2000kg and was used for the transportation of large volumes of all types of goods, including full pallets of plasterboard.

There were a number of bespoke Hoist requirements on the project, particularly regarding mast tie configurations and bespoke downforce designs. Working closely with scaffold providers UK Access Solutions, Hoist manufacturers, and the Colmore Tang site management team, we were able to design and implement a bespoke package which was tailored to exactly what was sought.

The project was one that we at Hoist Hire were to grow proud of and the installed Hoists provided some great photo opportunities!