Site Surveys

We complete an on site survey for all hoist configurations where one of our experienced team assesses the site requirements and matches them to a suitable hoist.  During these surveys we are looking at a number of items to select the best hoist for the site including:

  • Maximum size of loads to be carried
  • Maximum weight of loads to be carried
  • Method of transporting the loads to and into the hoist
  • Access to the required hoist location
  • Restrictions for access to the hoist or for unloading
  • The structure the hoist is to be tied to
  • The base where the hoist is to be positioned
  • Power supply availability

While on site we try to offer advice on the selection of a suitable hoist or the options available if there are a number of suitable hoists.

Following the site visit we email a Site Survey summary to the site outlining the reasons for the selected hoist being proposed, indicative foundation and tie loads, power requirements and advice on formal training and independent thorough examinations.