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This recladding project required the replacement of cladding the full height of the building.

This project, in the Maritime Quarter of Swansea, required additional planning before any work could take place on site.  The delivery and positioning of the hoist had to be planned accounting for a car park under the walkways where the hoist had to be delivered and positioned.  The location of the hoist was planned with CASS UK so that they were able to install the required propping to enable the hoist to serve all levels of the building.

The Geda 1500Z/ZP F Transport Platform used provided a 4.3m x 1.6m platform for transporting long materials with minimal foundation loading due to the twin mast layout.  To enable the scaffolding to be installed with standard bays widths, the platform was fitted with a single width ramp offering a 1.45m wide unloading ramp on to the scaffolding.