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Capital Quarter


This office block situated close to the centre of Cardiff required the replacement of the external  cladding and glazing.

Working with CASS UK to provide the hoisting required for their client Lance Scott, Hoist Hire Services provided in specific hoist planning working with all the site constrictions.  The initial scheme to install 2000kg hoists with 3m x 1.6m platforms was stopped due to limited fire access around the building and so a new scheme had to be developed with very little lead in time.

The final hoists that were installed on site, the Geda 500Z/ZP SL goods hoist was ideal as it still provided a hoist platform 3.2m long but only 1m wide which dramatically reduced the required footprint and allowed both hoists to be positioned within the original scaffolding perimeter, positioned on the corners of the building at the end of the perimeter scaffolding.