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Snowhill Estate


This project required the refurbishment of the multiple blocks of flats including the replacement of roofing.

Working with the Bell Group over 4 years, Hoist Hire Services supplied a number of hoists for the transport of materials for the refurbishment of all the blocks along with the complete removal and replacement of the aging copper roofing.

Each location had to be planned to ensure the hoist could be loading at road level, distribute materials to all levels and cause minimal disruption to the crowded roads and parking areas in the estate.

The most popular hoist on this project was the Maber MBC1000 Transport Platform, offering a 1.75m x 1.4m platform with a lifting capacity of 1000kg.  Used in goods only mode for transporting scaffolding during the setup of each block, and then again as a personnel carrying transport platform for the majority of the programmed works, this hoist was critical in the site achieving the very tight completion goals for each of the blocks.